Deanna L. Anderson

Deanna L. Anderson

Married and the mom of two daughters, Deanna spends her days between working full-time with her county disabilities board, her family and her  writing.  She lives in South Carolina for the moment but grew up in Wisconsin and lived for twelve years in New Mexico.  She feels that the different cultural lifestyles have given her an open-minded perspective.

Deanna has been pagan since her college years, but only really started practicing three years ago.  Since then she has mainly been on a Kitchen Witch path with influences from Roma (Gypsy), Greek, Roman, Nordic, Celtic and Wiccan traditions.  Her favorite spells are simple and down-to-earth with items that can be found around the home or in nature.

Deanna wrote her first story when she was 8 years old because she had read everything on her shelf and wanted something new to read. From that moment on, she knew that she wanted to be an author.

Since then, she has started writing a wide-variety of key-word articles on the internet, had a feature article in the Mother’s Day issue of “Domestique” magazine in 1996 and in 2006 was featured in her local paper “The Item” for receiving runner-up in a children’s story contest held by Woman’s Day Magazine and Scholastic Inc. She also has a previously self-published children’s fantasy.

More about her and her works can be viewed at her website