Esmerelda Little Flame

Esmerelda Little Flame

Esmerelda lives in Connecticut, in the same old white house where her father was born.  She teaches piano at the music studio her parents built in the early fifties.

She holds Baccalaureate degrees in English and Social Work with a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling.

A lover of fantasy, magick, the realm of the imagination, and funky hats, Esmerelda’s other love is the study of empathy and human connection.  A lifelong poetess, one of her deepest missions is to bring out the poetry in all things.

Esmerelda is an avid tarot reader with a special talent for creating guided story journeys from the readings.  She is slowly working on incorporating some of these journeys into a book of short tarot stories, illustrating the deeper meanings of tarot symbolism.  Other passions include drumming, scrying, rune reading, creating ritual, working with the faeries, the study of theatre, and collecting teddy bears.  She is devoted to her three dwarf bunnies: Tatiana, Nikita, and Anastasia.

She is currently at work on the rest of the Temple of the Twelve series.